We believe in all kinds of collaboration, both familiar ones and new and exciting collaborations. Below we explain why.

New collaborations for a new world

The ever rapidly changing world we live in means our ways of working must change with it. At AM System, we believe in having a flexible organisation where we constantly initiate new collaborations and constantly change our position in order to be relevant.
Therefore, we often involve consultants, not only for one-off efforts but also for long-term cooperation. A career with us often starts by first being a consultant, rather than with a traditional CV.We like to open the doors for trainees from different fields, preferably with skills that may not be traditional within a software industry. Some collaborations may be enriching primarily from a cultural and social perspective; everything does not have to be directly connected to the sellable product. We believe that all contacts that have mutual benefit are profitable in the long run.

Are we looking for people? Always and never.

We are always looking for new people and organisations to work with, if not, we would stagnate. Having said that, we rarely announce vacant positions. Instead, we get to know people, start to collaborate in some fashion and we see how things progress. So it’s always worthwhile getting in touch – we love to explore where a new relationship may lead!

Do you want to collaborate?

Do you believe you, or your organisation, could contribute to or collaborate with AM System? Get in touch with us, whether it’s a trainee role, consulting or an experimental project that you have in mind.