Terms & Policies

Here you find all the information we think you need to feel confident with AM System as your supplier.

We trust our existing customers feel confident having chosen us as their supplier. Selecting the right supplier is critical for all businesses and we understand the considerations any of our new potential customers are facing. The service you are about to select must meet your organisation’s needs and it’s important you convince yourself in this regard. We fully understand this and are available to clarify and respond to any questions you may have. 

We are often faced with making these selections ourselves. AM System is a family business, founded in 1989 and involved in IT and IT services since 1997. During our nearly 30 years in business, we have often been through the supplier assessment process, meaning we have conducted in-depth reviews, asked a multitude of questions and carried out detailed evaluations. This is our way of ensuring we feel confident in our supplier selection and we want our customers to feel the same. Our hope is that our policies and user terms will provide you satisfaction in this regard.

Information like this certainly does not cover everything. Please feel free to contact our Customer Services for any specific question not covered herein.

Anders Hultdin and Mats Carpenter
Owners, AM Hultdin System AB

This information is also available in swedish