Data and Security Policy


AM Hultdin System AB (hereinafter referred to as “AM System“) believes that it is important that the data you provide as a customer by using the cloud service is protected and that the information does not disappear, is not disclosed, or in some other manner ends up in the wrong hands. In this Data and Security Policy you will gain a better understanding of how data is stored and processed by AM System in a secure manner.

Cloud service

AM System’s service is a cloud service. The reason for this is that it offers many advantages for users, e.g. the service can be accessed from a smartphone on the factory floor, a tablet at home, or a computer at the office. The user avoids updating software and never needs to install anything on their units. If, on the other hand, the customer wishes to have complete control of all data, where it is situated, and how it is managed, this cannot be achieved through a cloud service, instead you will need a program which is managed locally. 

How AM System stores data

AM System uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the operation of all of the company’s services. Amazon is one of the largest players in this area, and AM System believes that it is a secure choice for the company and, accordingly, also for the customer.

AM System’s backup routines

AM System secures data by two methods:

  1. Daily backup starting at 6.00 pm with a full backup which is verified. A copy of all databases is made.          
  2. So-called point-in-time-backup of the entire database server – a separate backup in order to make it possible to restore data as it existed at a certain period of time.

AM System saves all versions of the appendices you upload in the service. All backups are saved at three geographically isolated locations. All data is saved with Amazon in Frankfurt, Germany. AM System does not restore data which the customer has accidentally erased. Restoration is carried out by AM System only for the purpose of maintaining the operation of the system.

System requirements

The cloud service provided by AM System employs the most recent versions of Chrome (Google) and IE / Edge (Microsoft). Please note that it is not certain whether you can use the service if you have deactivated cookies in your web browser. AM System may update the system requirements without notifying you.

The requirements were last updated on: 2017-02-17

How AM System handles log-in information

All passwords are encrypted and cannot be read in clear text, not even by employees of AM System. All traffic in the system is encrypted with https. The administrator of the user account has many possibilities to arrange the security of their site to accommodate the company’s security policy.

The possibilities are listed below: 

  1. The number of characters in a password
  2. The level of security (weak, strong, etc.)
  3. Allow the user to request a new password via e-mail      
  4. Force a change of password after a selected number of days
  5. Determine permission to “Keep me logged on”
  6. Force a password change during the next log-on
  7. Determine the number of failed log-on attempts
  8. Reminder of automatic inactivation of users in days          
  9. Direct traffic to the site to a certain chosen IP number or series

You data, your choice

AM System does not saves any data on how to navigate our site. However, we need to save cookies for certain pages to work. The data is always anonymous, and we save as little as we can.

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