A maintenance system with a complete overview

Whatever needs regular maintenance - machinery, vehicles, properties, refrigerators - you can easily manage it in Maintenance. Thanks to being a mobile and cloud-based system, it can be kept up-to-date by anyone anywhere. Experience the feeling of being in control, by testing Maintenance in your organisation, completely free of charge.

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The strengths of Maintenance system

Easy to create and follow-up on a fault report

A fault report can be created from a mobile phone and the phone’s camera can be used for improved documentation of any problems with the machine. The user can track their fault report in the system and the receiver is notified via email and in the system.

Easy to get started and flexible asset structure

With our dynamic plant hierarchy, objects can be created and moved around with its historic data still being attached. This way, the work model in Maintenance is always complete even if you make changes to your plant.

All features from the beginning and free updates

The Maintenance program is provided complete with everything required for streamlined maintenance operations, regardless of whether you operate a shipping company, a sawmill, industrial company or any type of service business. The program comes with both Swedish and English language options.

Keep inventory stock of your spare parts and link them to objects

Enter all spare parts and consumables in Maintenance and be on top of what you have in stock. The parts in the inventory can be linked to one or several objects and also to one or several suppliers.

Monitoring and ordering of inventory stock

Maintenance keeps track of the spare parts you keep in your inventory stock and manages what is being used. The system reminds you when it is time to reorder products. Purchases can be created directly in Maintenance and PDF-orders can be e-mailed directly to your supplier via the system. Spare parts can be both categorised and photographed.

Document management in Maintenance

Maintenance keeps track of different kind of documents such as manuals, drawings, certificates and inspection minutes. The documents can be linked to one or several objects in the asset structure. Further, files can be linked to work orders.

Functions in Maintenance

Object trees

Work orders


Fault reporting




Access permissions

Our Customer Manager Ellinor Boström presents Maintenance in just under 8 minutes

"The Maintenance program has been a great help in structuring our daily activities and in controlling the jobs that needed to be done. Further, it also captures deviations."

Patrik Harrysson
Environment & Safety Manager, Almer Oil & Chemical Storage AB

"AM has helped us in gaining full control of our maintenance, ranging from planning jobs to purchasing of spare parts. The more we have added to the system, the easier the daily work has become. A great feature is the historical data. It is highly useful when analysing root causes and planning corrective activities."

Magnus Flach
Maintenance Manager, Proplate Oxelösund AB

"After reviewing systems for several years we have finally found one that works and that we like. The system is easy and flexible to use."

Boris Ecim
Utilities Engineer, Jönköpings Kommun, Hjälpmedelsenheten

"With AM System we can manage our maintenance work and have full control of our cases, such as customer complaints and accidents / incidents."

Staffan Engström
Environment & Quality Manager, Indexator Rotator Systems AB

"AM System is my kind of system. It's simple to use and easy to understand, and I can create my own structures."

Tomas Järhög
Project Manager, Gustafsbergs Villabyggen AB

What does it cost?

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