AM Service - a maintenance system for the future

AM Systems service Maintenance is now being developed in AM Service. A new cloud-based maintenance program with a focus on maintenance customers.

One maintenance system for

  • Requests

  • Inventory management

  • Maintenance plan

  • Work orders

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

AM Service is a maintenance system that is simple and accessible from mobile devices. Get your employees to use the maintenance system without tedious training and hassle.

A complete overview

Keep track of everything that needs to be done with your equipment and machinery. Both the emergency, preventive and remedial maintenance.

Register maintenance

Register urgent, corrective or preventative maintenance work. Decide what will be done, when and by whom. Set reminders to ensure maintenance is carried out and describe how it should be performed. Add any spare parts needed.

Create reports

Once maintenance has been carried out, it’s easy to generate a report that logs the history of what has been done and how.

Asset structure

A dynamic facility hierarchy enables you to organise and move around assets while keeping track of history. That way, the working model in Maintenance is always up to date when you make changes to the asset.

Questions & answers

A maintenance system is a software that helps you systemise maintenance and repair work of equipment within your operation. Depending on which solution you choose, the software includes various modules that help you with preventative, planned and corrective maintenance work.

All businesses that use equipment of some sort need to manage maintenance of it. Firstly, it is about having well-functioning operations with equipment that works, and also that the working environment is safe for the employees. Without a digital maintenance system, work quickly tends to become both problematic and time-consuming.

AM System’s sister company AM Service helps you create a modern and available user experience. You can easily build your platform in a flexible digital structure. Then it’s easy to plan, report and oversee everything that has happened, is happening and will happen on your platform.

AM Service offers a user-friendly maintenance system that has been developed for your future needs. AM Service is suitable for small and large companies and handles layout threads, preventive maintenance, remedial maintenance, maintenance planning, storage, warehouse purchasing, inventory with QR code and history and statistics.

The focus is on user-friendliness and accessibility and the designated app is a great complement to the service.

No, they aren’t the same service. AM Maintenance was AM System’s original cloud service for maintenance. To meet the future need for a more modern, user-friendly and available maintenance system, AM has created a new sister company focusing on the maintenance industry.

AM Service is the new maintenance programme that is constantly being developed and works closely with the industry. Read more at

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