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AM System is a digital platform for your management system. You can visualise processes, manage documents and create efficient case flows. A powerful platform for control, cooperation and continuous improvement.

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"With AM System, adopting a management system becomes an easy, visual experience for all those who use it”

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By digitising your management system, you bring everything together in one place, improving and simplifying access for everyone. This enables you to implement an effective structure, create order and quickly gain insights into your processes and working methods.

With AM System, you can easily adapt to meet your specific needs whilst maintaining a focus on customers and their requirements. Paper trails become processes, text becomes flows and everyone understands their role.

This enables you to work with AM Systems’ platform for management systems in both a standardised and creative way. Which helps your organisation improve efficiency, increase competitiveness and embed sustainability.

AM Systems’ platform empowers you to efficiently manage your operations and fulfil the requirements of your customers and other interested parties.

By unifying your management system, you unlock highly efficient collaborative functions enabling you to share situational statuses and snapshots, both internally and externally.

Through role-specific customised start pages it is easy to focus quickly and gain insights about your processes and share the current situation in real time. This creates a holistic view, allowing the entire organisation to clearly understand targets, operations and direction. Making it easy to do the right thing.

The task of a management system is to guide and help all employees, regardless of role, to consistently deliver successful outcomes through their work. Every person in the company is a part of the whole, so it is essential a management system delivers for everyone.

AM Systems’ Document module allows you to manage your controlling documentation, and through the Case module you can create controlled and intuitive workflows for each employee. Our layout document serves as the interface between modules, through which you can easily shape visual processes, add smart search and link options and customise landingpages for different roles.

AM System is passionate about intuitive and inclusive management systems. Where participation and collaboration help to promote accountability, commitment and continuous improvements.

With AM System as a platform, you get a more efficient organization with more collaboration and commitment among employees. The service is reliable, accessible and helps you visualize, digitize and connect the organization’s processes with its controlling documentation and case flows – regardless of where you are.

AM System gives you a versatile digital platform for your management system. But also a partner with knowledge, who is familiar with your everyday requirements and continuous improvements.

Our team of Customer Success Managers helps you get started with an appreciated onboarding and offers studies and training.