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AM System is a digital platform for both documentation and cases. Visualize your processes and working methods. And get the job done, by creating digital flows.

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    Create opportunities for the future.

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Connect. Visualise. Automate.

AM is designed for anyone who wants their organisation to have a head start. Bring quality work to the next level by linking the right people to the right processes and documents.

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Digitalising your management system helps you to make life easier for your employees. Avoid multiple versions of documents and cut down on paper use, post and printing out documents.

An effective digital management system creates a working platform that is intuitive and easy to understand for all users.

A digital platform makes all aspects of your company easier and more effective. In AM System, you can regulate documentation, processes and case flow. Organising everything in one platform makes it easier for employees to carry out their work with accuracy, which also creates a sense of involvement and engagement.

AM System is available wherever you and your employees are.

Digitalising your management system allows everyone to work in the same way. In AM System, you visualise your processes and make it easier for employees to find what they need and carry out their work with accuracy.

You will notice results such as increased efficiency, shorter lead times, better organisation, fewer cases falling between the cracks, increased quality and more engaged employees.

In AM, you build your entire management system digitally and make it available. The platform comprises “Documents” and “Cases”: two services that work well on their own and even better together.

“Documents” allows you to create and share documentation with the right people within your organisation and get read reports. “Documents” includes version management and revision, so reminders are sent to the people concerned, prompting them to review the documentation at regular intervals. Your document management will be fast, secure and easy for everyone to be involved in, when they need to be.

“Cases” digitalises your processes by controlling the workflow in whichever way you choose. Replace the forms, lists and registers you have in other systems and organise everything in one place. You will have access to a range of ready-made case templates that you can adjust using our drag-and-drop-function. Or you can build your own unique case flow according to your specific needs. Creative, fun and engaging.

In AM System you build a complete system with documentation, processes and cases. The cloud-based platform is available wherever you or your colleagues are.

With AM, you have access to a cloud-based management system that can be aligned to your organisation and helps you get your employees involved. The service is designed so you can use your creativity in setting up workflows that work for you. AM enables you to start small with a focus on your most immediate needs, but still allows you to think big and create opportunities for the future.

AM is always available to help you connect, visualise and digitalise your organisation’s routines, documents and processes – no matter where you are.

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