# Document management the way you would like it

Create both visual layout documents and text documents in one location. Collaborate, publish and share internally.

Manage documents for your business

  • Create

    Write and visualise what you need. Share with colleagues for review and collaboration.

  • Publish

    Approved documents are published, tagged, categorised and sent to the right roles.

  • Audit

    Guided revision as required, legible for suitable roles and accompanied by automated reminders.

  • Version management

    Smooth version management that ensures everyone receives the right information.

A versatile set of tools

Smart functions that help you create both visual processes, intuitive start pages and controlling documentation. Easy to update and share with others.

Share and collaborateShare and collaborate

Create involvement and collaborate around your controlling documentation. Through our share and collaborate functions, you can easily work alongside your colleagues to create both text and layout documents.

Our versatile design tool also makes it easy to visualise processes and instructions, helping to expedite the work of new and established colleagues.

Version managementVersion management

The correct document in the right place with accurate traceability. Our Document module ensures the correct version of your controlling documentation is in the right place and accessible in your management system. At the same time, our traceability allows you, with the right permissions, to easily find and compare previous versions.

Public documentsPublic documents

You can share documents publicly on a web page or via email. You choose how long the automatically generated unique URL is active and whether it should be password protected.

The function makes it easy and secure to share documents externally, such as policies or quotes. What is more, this also informs the reader of the latest version.

Tag with keywordsTag with keywords

With our powerful and simple query functions, your users can quickly and easily locate and navigate the correct documentation. With the ability to tag documents with relevant keywords, groups of documents can be easily identified at given times in your processes. Simple and effective!

Reading receiptsReading receipts

Central to management systems in ensuring the right people can access new and updated documentation. And that all information is current.

Reading receipts enable users to do this, whilst also providing an excellent overview. This makes it easier to measure how effectively you communicate, and how the management system is operating within your organisation.

Azure ADSimple user management

AM System supports Azure AD, a cloud-based identity and access management service from Microsoft that offers functions such as single sign-on (SSO).

This system helps to make login smooth for users and management easy for administrators. Azure AD setup is always done in consultation with AM System.

Questions & answers

No organisation can survive without documentation. These can involve, for example, instructions, procedures, guidelines and policies amongst many others.

Document management is simply about how documents are created, reviewed, approved, distributed, acknowledged as read, audited and updated. As well as archiving such documents when they have fulfilled their role.

Like it or not, you need a document management system. All organisations deal with documents. So if you don’t have a digital document management system, you might be keeping your papers in folders or on local servers or hard drives. This is a highly inefficient method of document management and can waste a considerable amount of time and effort across the whole organisation. Without an effective management system, how do you keep track of the accuracy of documentation, if it is approved, or updated and whether the right people can access or contribute to the material?

A modern document management system ensures documents are easily accessible and that the entire process from creation to archiving is as efficient as possible.

AM System gives you ONE single home for all your organisation’s documents. Here, you can create, share, manage versions and view reading receipts. As well as creating relevant reminders that connect the right documents with the right people.

With AM System, document management becomes fast, secure and easy for everyone to use. Employees are able to locate the right documents quickly, share them effortlessly and maintain a firm grasp of what material they need to read and understand.

With AM System as a platform, you get a more efficient organization with more collaboration and commitment among employees. The service is reliable, accessible and helps you visualize, digitize and connect the organization’s processes with its controlling documentation and case flows – regardless of where you are.

AM System gives you a versatile digital platform for your management system. But also a partner with knowledge, who is familiar with your everyday requirements and continuous improvements.

Our team of Customer Success Managers helps you get started with an appreciated onboarding and offers studies and training.