Digital document management made easy with our Document Management System

Create, share and collect all the organisation's documents in the one and same place. Forget binders, let go of incomprehensible folder set-ups that no one understands and enjoy structured tidiness. Discover exactly how smart document management can be for your workflows by testing it, completely free of charge.

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The strengths of the Documents system

Fast user access to documents

Linking documents to users and/or groups means only relevant notifications and information will be sent to staff. The same goes for the high level document view, where user relevance is focus.

Public accessibility to Document, via link and web site

You can create web links (url) to each unique document in Documents and attach it to e.g. an email. Documents can also be linked to your website, your intranet or to your software. This way, information needs updating in one place only.

Handling versions when creating documents

Documents are managed using versions (or editions) meaning preparation and revision of documents can be managed by the whole work team. All versions of a document are saved and can be retrieved and compared.

Reminders – to the right person at the right time

Documents will, based on rules set by you, control when and by whom a document can be reviewed and updated. A reminder is sent automatically both by e-mail and through the system.

It’s easy to find documents and attachments

The system allows for free text search, i.e. the content of a document or attached files. Other parameters such as period or creator can be added to the search. A document can also be tagged with any search word.

Fast and easy work with ready-made templates

A template in Document is not only about the layout, but also about location in the document structure and link to relevant groups. Templates can also have permission settings, ensuring users get access to the correct template.

Our Customer Manager Ellinor Boström presents Documents in 5 minutes

"We have used AM System since 2015, particularly the Document Management System. It started when we worked on our ISO9001 certification. The system simplified and facilitated the whole process significantly. We are very happy with the system and also the support we get when questions arise. I highly recommend AM System to other businesses!"

Sofia Carlsson
HR and Quality Manager, Fristad Industri AB

"AM System is a versatile tool that adds a lot to our organisation."

Björn Sjöström
Rock engineer/ HMSK Manager, Norab AB

"AM System has helped to improve efficiency at Jackon. It has enabled us to collect deviation management, quality and environmental management and maintenance in a single system covering 3 countries. The system also provides great flexibility in language management and online accessibility."

Anders Evendorff Sørensen
Head of Quality and Environment, Jackon Norden

"At Hydroscand AB we work in a very focused way with our environmental and quality work and we are leaders in our industry. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, meaning we must have processes for systematic quality and environmental work in place. This requires an appropriate system, which we feel we have in AM Document and Case Management. With a business spread over 60 branches in Sweden, we benefit greatly from the easy accessibility of AM Document and Case Management."

Elizabeth Smolle
Head of Quality and Environment, Hydroscand AB

"At Falck we have used AM for both deviation and document management for many years and with satisfying results. The system is easy to use and manage. Adding this to the easily accessible support function makes AM System a valuable partner."

Joakim Storeide
Quality and Enviroment Manager, Falck Assistance Sverige AB

"Finally, we have got everything in one place. Action plans, people responsible, training sign-offs and documents..... everything is now handled digitally in AM System, where there seems to be no limit as to what you can do! :)"

Niklas Persson
Ci-Manager, SHE-Coordinator, Quality Manager, Maintenance, Mondi Packaging Sunne AB

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