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Use our document management system to create, share and gather everything in one place.

Manage documents in your business

  • Superfast access

  • Handling of versions

  • Reminders

  • Correct document to the right person

Get creative with documents

Put life into minutes of meeting, processes, quality assurance and anything else that's part of your operational management system.

With a useful toolbox

There is a range of powerful features in Documents, allowing you to create freely.

Page layout documentPage layout document

Use our design tool to draw, share and maintain your processes. Visual processes and routines make it easier for old and new colleagues alike to come up to speed with work.

Handling of versionsHandling of versions

All documents are assigned a number and a version number. Published documents are assigned a fixed number and must be revised to be updated. That way, you can always backtrack and review previous versions, provided you have the necessary permission.

Public documentsPublic documents

Documents can be published on a web page or linked via an email or chat. A unique URL is automatically generated, and you decide for how long the link will be active. The feature makes it easy to share policies, routines, processes and quotations.

Support for several companiesSupport for several companies

The Documents system can be used for several companies or offices. You can add different document headers to the same document and see how everything is smoothly linked together in the document structure.

Read receiptRead receipt

A central part of information management is that the right person has access to and receives the right information. Use read receipts to notify individual users when a document needs to be reviewed, revised or approved.

Hassle-free user administrationHassle-free user administration

AM System supports Azure AD, which means easy login for users and hassle-free handling for administrators. Setup of Azure AD is always done in consultation with AM System.

Questions & answers

No organisation can do without documents. It may involve, for example, policies, quotations, meeting minutes or documented routines. Document management is the process starting with the creation of a document and ending with it having served its purpose and then being archived or deleted. A number of events occur in between, including distribution, revision and read receipts.

Whether you like it or not, you do have a document management system. All organisations need to handle documents. If you don’t have a digital document management system, you may have your paperwork in binders. The issue then is that document management is a tedious and time consuming process for the organisation. How would you be able to keep track of different versions, how would you know who has read what and how would you ensure the right documents end up with the right people within the organisation?

A modern document management system ensures that the whole process - from creation to archiving - is as efficient as possible.

AM provides one and the same place for all documents in the organisation. That’s where you create, share, manage revisions, receive read receipts and create relevant reminders that link the right document to the right people. Document management becomes fast, secure and easy when you use AM. Employees find that they can quickly locate the documents they need, that it’s easy to share documents with the right people and that they constantly are monitoring what documents they are expected to read.

With AM, you have access to a cloud-based management system that can be aligned to your organisation and that helps you get your employees involved. The service is designed so you can use your creativity in setting up workflows that work for you. AM enables you to start small, with a focus on your most immediate needs, but still allows you to think big and create opportunities for the future.

AM is always available to help you connect, visualise and digitalise your organisation’s routines, documents and processes – no matter where you are.

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