A powerful ↗︎ holistic solution for your management system

AM Systems’ Documents and Case modules provides users with an integrated digital platform for your management system. And, through process management, increase efficiency and improve collaboration between colleagues.

Making it easy to do the right thing

Visualise your processes and create custom landingpages for different roles. Share documentation and create case flows that deliver successful outcomes.

  • Involve everyone

    Include management and process owners. Facilitate collaboration and participation.

  • Meet your requirements

    From interested parties and standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and IATF 16949.

  • Create consensus

    Build your management system visually and together with the employees.

  • Achieve your goals

    Work systematically, follow set targets and increase your competitiveness.

Recieve holistic management system that's clickable and intuitive for your all your users.

Visualise processes and gather all controlling documentation in one platform.

Build case flows as you require and automatise your work.

Questions & answers

An integrated digital platform makes working with your management system easier and more efficient. In AM System, you can effectively manage your controlling documentation, processes and case flows. With a single location, not only do you smooth the development of your management system, but you also empower employees to work efficiently.

By uniting scattered elements in a single platform, we guarantee you will increase employee participation and commitment across the whole company.

In AM System, you assemble an accessible and digital management system. The platform consists of Document and Case, two elements that reinforce each other and become more powerful in the process.

In Document, you draw up your processes and effectively orientate your users. What is more, you can easily manage controlling documents and share them with employees in order to facilitate collaboration. This includes reading receipts, version management and revisions, so you can send reminders to people to review the documentation at set intervals as required. It is easy for everyone to be a part of your fast, secure and seamless document management.

Through Case, you digitise your processes through controlled workflows, which can be tailored to meet your needs. This versatile system is also straightforward to setup and use. Case replaces forms, lists, checklists and registers in other systems. And with Case, you can gather everything in one place.

As a customer, you get access to a number of ready-made case templates that can be adjusted through our smooth drag-and-drop function. Or build your own case flows according to your specific requirements. All in all, creative, fun, engaging and effective.

AM System is a comprehensive solution for documentation, processes and cases. The platform is also cloud-based and accessible no matter the location of you or your colleagues.

We believe in both your ability and our platform’s capabilities. And we’re sure that with the knowledge and experience of our Customer Success Managers, we can fulfil your requirements.

To maximise your investment and embed success, we will help you get started via our Onboarding. Here, you will receive guidance from our experienced Customer Success Managers with workshops, training sessions, anchoring techniques and homework. This process will take you through the correct steps in the right order and involve your organisation, step-by-step.

The onboarding process is complete when the management system is embedded and knowledge disseminated throughout your organisation, after which we accompany you during the continued development of the system.

AM Systems’ platform is ideal for users looking for a simple, effective and easily understood system for improving workflows. Or to help users to gain or maintain any and all relevant certificates.

You understand the business value of a capable management system in improving workflows and delivering business benefits. This is done through broad anchoring and universal participation, and isn’t something that’s handled from the sidelines by a few individuals.

You also want your management system to be a natural part of, and therefore adapted to, each employee’s unique workday.

With AM System as a platform, you get a more efficient organization with more collaboration and commitment among employees. The service is reliable, accessible and helps you visualize, digitize and connect the organization’s processes with its controlling documentation and case flows – regardless of where you are.

AM System gives you a versatile digital platform for your management system. But also a partner with knowledge, who is familiar with your everyday requirements and continuous improvements.

Our team of Customer Success Managers helps you get started with an appreciated onboarding and offers studies and training.