Case management that's simple and efficient

Design standardised case flows to meet your requirements. Create a structure which facilitates both employees and follow-ups.

Create digital flows matching your needs

  • Nonconformity

    Work systematically to register all errors and deficiencies discovered in your business.

  • Incidents

    Report incidents easily and effectively, to create a better working environment.

  • Risk analysis

    Identify, assess and mitigate various risks and use risk analysis effectively.

  • Audits

    Standardise your audits by planning, executing and checking. All in one place.

A simple tool for efficient workflows

Give life to all types of case flows. Create freely with drag-and-drop or start from ready-made templates. And add automatic reminders using triggers.

Digitise case flowsDigitise case flows

Customise your process flows with the smooth drag-and-drop tool in our form editor. Easily create customised flows that are intuitive for your users, no matter how complex the process.

Follow all the data collected in real time, and share and collaborate with our powerful search function. Not only highlight and distribute tasks to employees with notifications, but also control system rights based on user roles and profiles.

Public registrationPublic registration

You can share forms publicly using a link, including to recipients who lack an AM System license. This helps you collect registrations from external parties.

The system notifies the right person, who can access and process the case. Public registration can also take place anonymously.

Ready-made formsReady-made forms

Download ready-made forms you can easily adapt to your needs. In our forms library, you’ll find useful inspiration for non-conformance management, events, checklists and much more.

Upload external dataUpload external data

You already store data related to, for example, articles, orders, customers or suppliers in other existing systems. Our Case cloud service can retrieve and use this data when creating and changing a case.

Language supportSupport for all languages

Case is always available in Swedish and English. You can build a form in multiple languages with different translations for each item. You can also make connections between the form’s different languages and the user’s default language.

Azure ADUser management with Azure AD

AM System supports Azure AD, a cloud-based identity and access management service from Microsoft that offers functions such as single sign-on (SSO).

This system helps to make login smooth for users and management easy for administrators. Azure AD setup is always done in consultation with AM System.

Questions & answers

A case management system manages events and processes that take place in a business in a way that makes it clear to everyone what’s expected of them. It can involve anything from filling the coffee machine with beans to developing a new production process.

By creating clear digital flows, each employee’s tasks become easier, and together you can establish the best and most efficient way of working. With a case management system, energy and time go to where they create most value.

So even if you do need more coffee beans, there are more important and far more critical elements in a business. Standardisation, collaboration and efficiency are the keys to success. AM Systems’ case management helps you systematise your flows, create efficient handovers and automate the correct information and tasks, at the right time. You can focus on your work while your system ensures quality.

A case management system standardises your various workflows, clarifying roles and responsibilities across all levels of the company. This system helps you maintain control of various workflows, whilst helping employees understand what needs to be done, when and by whom.

Without such a system, it’s difficult to follow up the status and results of certain tasks, reducing efficiency and missing opportunities for improvement.

AM System helps you move your processes and procedures to a digital system optimised for organisational efficiency.

Through the help of AM System, you encourage employees to commit and engage with your work, as our user experience is designed to be both fun and easy to understand. Quality work transforms into quality in work, in all your processes.

AM System is designed to be easy to start for both you and your employees  As well as having access to a range of ready-made templates for the most common cases, you can use our intuitive drag-and-drop function and build your own flows based on your specific needs.

The idea of AM is that it’s a flexible system that adapts to you – not the other way around. That way, you can start small based on your immediate needs, and organically grow as required.

With AM System as a platform, you get a more efficient organization with more collaboration and commitment among employees. The service is reliable, accessible and helps you visualize, digitize and connect the organization’s processes with its controlling documentation and case flows – regardless of where you are.

AM System gives you a versatile digital platform for your management system. But also a partner with knowledge, who is familiar with your everyday requirements and continuous improvements.

Our team of Customer Success Managers helps you get started with an appreciated onboarding and offers studies and training.