Faster results with Onboarding

With Onboarding as your guide, you get the best possible start with AM System and your journey towards a complete management system with digital processes and a more efficient way of working. It’s a carefully developed method with a combination of ensuring commitment, homework assignments and training sessions.

Developed specifically for the manufacturing industry

  • The best possible start

    With clear components such as ensuring commitment, training and homework assignments

  • Digital sessions

    Make your Onboarding easy and accessible for everyone

  • For maximum effect

    Involve more people, limit vulnerabilities and strengthen your organisation

Receive step-by-step guidance from experienced Customer Success Managers

With our long experience in manufacturing and management systems, our Customer Success Managers are well-equipped to give you the best possible start. They’ll help you meet your needs and reach your goals with AM System, so you get the most out of your management system.

Victoria Abrahamsson, Customer Success Manager

“Management systems are about creating the best possible conditions for everyone in the organisation to carry out their tasks in an easy and effective way, whilst also meeting the requirements of customers, the surrounding world, and standards. Onboarding is the method we use to help our clients get off on the right foot, get faster results, and be spurred on to continuous development.”

Guidance 3-12 months

Onboarding is offered separately, depending on the size of the organisation, and lasts for a period of between 3-12 months. All sessions take place digitally and are planned in consultation with the customer’s project group.

Modules included

  • After an interview with your systems owner about your current situation, expectations, and goals for the onboarding process, AM System gets a better understanding of your company. The results of the interview are then discussed with your management team, as well as how any risks or obstacles should be dealt with.
  • We discuss the management team's roles based on the goals you have and provide a broad introduction to AM System as a platform. The review of your organisation lays the groundwork for the framework for your management system. Guided sessions are alternated with homework assignments.
  • A basic understanding of the Document module and its settings gives you the right control over your documentation. You will be guided in how to use the tool for sketching processes and together, we will create the process of your choice in the system. Includes guided sessions and homework assignments.
  • A basic understanding of the Case module and its settings. We create one of your prioritised case flows from start to finish and have a closer look at structure and automation.
  • An understanding of customised navigation for different users and how Document and Case interact. Ensuring that the goals for our Onboarding have been reached. Includes guided sessions and homework assignments.


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Our customer developers

Kristoffer Johanson

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Kristoffer Johanson

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Kristoffer has approximately 15 years of management experience in quality and environment in the global automobile manufacturing industry. In these positions, he has maintained and developed management systems with the help of AM System to fulfil the requirements stipulated by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. Kristoffer is happy to discuss your challenges with you, to make your management system intuitive and engaging for everyone involved in its use.

Victoria Abrahamsson

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Victoria Abrahamsson

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Victoria has a great deal of experience in the automobile manufacturing industry, with management positions in quality and environment. She has thorough knowledge of supplier development, management systems and the requirements stipulated by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. Victoria has worked with AM System for about 16 years, first as a client and subsequently as a much-appreciated Customer Success Manager. The driving force behind her work is the idea that it should be “easy to get it right.”

Receive guidance with our personal Onboarding

Questions & answers

Onboarding is for those in the manufacturing industry who want guidance and help making the management system a tool for everyone in their organisation.

It’s important that you, the company, have a consensus when it comes to needs, expectations, and goals for your management system. It is also a good idea to have allotted time for the project and to define a project group

Between 3-12 months, depending on the size and complexity of your organisation. As a client, you determine how much time can be prioritised for this work, and the motivation to reach the goal.

Onboarding is a process in which AM System has the role of moderator in the various stages; you lead the internal activities which take place between sessions.