This is AM System

"AM System has been involved with quality processes and software since 1997". That's how most About Us pages start. But the world does not need yet another About Us page. Instead, we could all do with a bit more transparency. So.. welcome to us.... for real (digitally though). We'd be pleased to introduce ourselves.

Neat and tidy – That’s what AM is

We love it when things are neat and tidy. Control. Processes. It may perhaps sound boring, and even killjoy to some. Not to us, obviously! For us, order and structure is a necessity. It frees up time and energy and gives you freedom to do the work you really feel passionate about. Nobody loves sorting through papers and putting them in binders, writing the minutes of meetings or designing structured forms. What you feel passionate about is more likely the result you get from it. Spend more energy on what is important. To us, being neat and tidy is important.

Simplicity – That’s what AM is

The company AM System has its roots in Malå, in the inland of Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. That’s where people know about simplicity, peace and quiet, and not to make things so darn complicated all the time. Nowadays, our offices are located in central Umeå and Skellefteå, but simplicity is still a rock solid part of the company’s DNA. Simplicity is very much present when we are developing the cloud service, a service we’d like to see everyone use, not only IT people and process fanatics. Simplicity is also a guiding principle when we talk to our customers – boastful terminology and wearisome empty talk is not for us. Call us and we will respond promptly. Whatever we say or write, we mean. You could call it Västerbottenish simplicity. You can also call it being efficient.

Collaborative – That’s what AM is

Our cloud service helps organisations collaborate more productively, but our sense of collaboration does not stop there. It also affects our relationship with our customers and partners. We do not want to be a giant, tight-lipped organisation that works behind closed doors being overly protective of what we do. We want to be open minded and work with people who are experts in their fields, just like we are software experts. We do not sell consultancy by the hour, instead we want to work closely with our customers to make their digital work processes the best possible. As long as we approach things with open arms we know things will progress in the right direction.

AM is even more than this

Obviously, some text under three headings do not give you a complete picture of what AM is, but it’s a start. If you wish to continue exploring what AM is, what AM does and what AM stands for, we suggest you go to one of the following places: